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President's Greeting

VBNF has been very busy for the last few months with a few new businesses to take care of.

One of the programs is health related product that we know it works well with me and many others. In addition, the product can bring in excellent profit. Nothing better than helping people achieve better health and at the same time create residual income for ourselves. We will discuss that later.

VBNF is happy to welcome a few new office members who can help you connect with more business people within Canada or outside Canada, especially China. China is one of the most cash rich countries, that is looking for good investment projects outside the country. Some of the places they look for investment are: USA, Canada, Brazil and a few others.

As VBNF is going into its 9th years of Operation, we have learned and know how to help bridge the two countries together. With our strong connections with the Asia Pacific countries, we have the platform to bring in respectable business people together. We only want to deal with businesses that are solid and have good track record. There is no time to waste. We are for real. We only want to work with honest, respectable people. Don't waste your time and ours if there is no solid business to work with for mutual benefit.




VBNF is going to the 2014 Canada Marketing Summit - March 28 - 30

Please join VBNF at the 2014 Canada Marketing Summit at the Sharaton Vancouver Airport Hotel, Richmond.
Increase your customer base with the latest cutting edge marketing techniques. 

VBNF is going to the 2014 Canada Marketing Summit - March 28 - 30

There will be 18 speakers from around the world assisting hundreds of people to improve their marketing skills and help to make them marketing rockstars!

You will learn the most advanced online and off-line marketing techniques from speakers that are actually running their own multimillion dollar businesses and are hugely successful in their own right.

It's an exceptionally great price for a 3-day conference where you get to learn from the 18 top marketing and business experts. Plus, you will have time to network with over 500 business owners and entrepreneurs.


Regular price is $297, NOW YOU CAN SAVE $200 WITH Promo Code: VBNF http://canadamarketingsummit.ca/purchase-ticket/

by going to the website at http://canadamarketingsummit.ca/purchase-ticket/ and choosing the Early Bird - General 3 Day Option with Promo Code: 'VBNF ' you'll get it only for $97 FOR 3 DAYS to learn how you can increase your customer base with the latest cutting edge marketing techniques. A MUST. See you there at our booth!

Don't miss this rare opportunity to learn from the best so you can be the best.... and for only $97!

If you want to participate at the tradeshow with us, please contact us how to do. VBNF is there to help promote our members at a reduced cost.

VBNF Welcome new Staffs

VBNF is proud to add a few new staffs to our marketing team.

Robert Gagnon - B. Sc. With many years of experience in Marketing, Sales and Technical Support

Selena Guo - A Beautiful lady with Spa and health Experience. She is opening a new Spa at Yaletown in May. Look for the news on her new opening and become a VIP at the Spa.

Susanne Liu - Another beautiful lady who had years of experience is Sales, Marketing and MLM. She also develops housing in Vancouver and China. You can meet up with them at the Canada Marketing Summit Tradeshow.

More About VBNF Please join VBNF or Alex Au-Yeung at FaceBook at https://www.facebook.com/VBNF8888
https://www.facebook.com/pages/VBNF/163352120359409 to see the latest up to Date information.



GLOBE 2014 - MARCH 26-28, 2014

GLOBE 2014 will be held March 26-28, 2014 at the Vancouver Convention Centre East Building at Canada Place.

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2014 Canada Marketing Summit 2014 Canada Marketing Summit - March 28-30th 2014
LAST CHANCE TO GET YOUR TICKET NOW. ALMOST SOLD OUT! Regular price is $297, YOU CAN SAVE $200 by going to the website at http://canadamarketingsummit.ca/purchase-ticket/ and choosing the Early Bird - General 3 Day Option with Promo Code: 'VBNF ' you'll get it only for $97 FOR 3 DAYS to learn how you can increase your customer base with the latest cutting edge marketing techniques. A MUST. See you there at our booth!
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10th BC International Real Estate Convention 2014 - April 9 - 10, 2014 10th BC International Real Estate Convention 2014 - April 9 - 10, 2014
The BC International Real Estate Convention is a unique tradeshow in Western Canada created for the professionals who are interested or engaged in investing in residential or commercial real estate.
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New Business Partner

VBNF is proud to work together with Jim Perkins - President and Founder - FairTradeWorks.

I was introduced to Jim by one of my long time friend, Robert Gagnon, a retired IBM Engineer. Bob is also one of my Kangen water business partner who has high blood sugar and diabetic. After 3 months drinking the water, his Alzheimer disease is now gone and that he was not able to get rid of having taking drugs for quite a few years. He is happy and able to do the things he wants to do now.

He met with Jim and understands Jim's needs and strength. I am very happy to learn about Jim's business, which to build high quality buildings at a reasonable cost. That is why the company is called FairTradeWorks.

When I met with Jim, I did ask him many tricky questions about the trade itself and his business approaches. I then did some due diligence check and went to his office to see the real thing. Yes. He is for real and his deal is Fair.

If anyone who is looking for a quality builder for their residential property or for re-sale properties, you should look for good quality work. This is because if the quality is no good, people will find out in a couple years and then the value of the house will be decreased.

More Business

GET YOUR DREAM CAR NOW! Save about $1,000 on you new Car Purchase
VBNF works with Auto Experts to help you buy your dream car at a better price. We can find any car you like and give you the quote you will not forget. Go do your shopping first, give us the exact specifications of the same quote from the other dealers (we have to be fair to compare apple to apple) and see how much we can save you money. Read More


Growing Organic Basil at home with Sunpod
Basil is a flavourful, aromatic herb that is most often used in Italian dishes such as Pesto or prepared with fresh tomatoes and cheese. Basil likes warm garden temperatures and for us in the Pacific Northwest the season is mild but often not warm enough for basil to thrive without some protection.
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Website Designs for your business - FREE Business Card Design - a $300 value.
Let us design you website and logo and we will design your business card for FREE.
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Printings for your business
You need to print your brochure, catalogs, flyers, business cards, banners, etc. to promote your business but do not know who to go to for the best price. Well VBNF and CMY Designs can help you.
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FREE Classifieds
Post your own ad on VBNF Classifieds in English or Chinese for FREE.
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Job Opportunities

VBNF works with our member companies to hire skilled workers to help them expand their companies in Canada and other countries. Anyone interested can email their resume to info@vbnf.com Only qualified people will be contacted. We are also happy to work with Immigration consultants who may have qualified skill worker from other countries who can also speak good English. Again, please contact us for details.

More Career Opportunities




Everyone should know there is nothing more important than our health. Without health, we will not be able to enjoy our life with good friends or having good food. Steve Jobs is very wealthy. But because of his health, he passed away and left out many ideas and plans he wanted to do but cannot do anymore.

Many rich people decided to donate their hard earned money to charities. If they do not have good health that was required to help them do the things they wanted to do, it is not possible for them to make the money they can do to support other less fortunate people.

VBNF now found an excellent product that can help you maintain good health and at the same time create wealth and of course, we want to share with our friends and members.

This is simple. If there is a good restaurant that can provide great food, good price and services with great clean environment, would you not want to recommend to your friends? Of course, not.

So here it is:
Kangen Water Ionization machine - a certified medical device in Japan that has been around 40 years now.

I first ran into the product about 6 - 7 years ago and I have no idea if I need it at all. It is simple; I was quite healthy so a health product to me is not so important. It is not cheap either.

Then 3 years ago, I was invited by the top distributor to do the business. Again, I rejected the idea as I do not believe in MLM (Multi-Level -Marketing). I did not bother to learn about it either.

Many people like me, do not believe in MLM, simply because they do not understand the system and spend enough time to learn it. So whoever joined and ended up buying a bunch of the products they cannot consume all by themselves. The result is very negative.

However, for those who achieved great results, they were able to make millions of dollars a year without even having their own company to run. All they have to do is to educate people how to do the job and use their own resources to make money for themselves and you.

To me, that makes more sense. I worked as a high paid engineer in my life but I did not become a millionaire. Why? Most of the money we made goes to the government. That is why most millionaires are business people. These successful business people are the one who have a dream and they do whatever it takes to achieve their goal and never give up. Of course, having a dream and a goal is great. We do need to know how to achieve the goal the quickest way.

This will need some help from people who have the experience or some others to help you achieve the goal together.

If you are interested to learn about the program, please contact us for an information session. Learn about the program and why it can help your health and can create wealth for you. Time is money. I did not do the business 3 years ago and now I am a kind of regret. If I have started 3 years ago, my result would be many times better than what I achieve now.

Timing is everything. If you have health issues, you should learn about the product. If you want to establish a new business with little capital, you should definitely look into the product. If you failed to do well with other MLM program, you should also definitely learn about the program.

Give yourself a chance for: A healthy body, A Healthy Finance and a Healthy Mind.

Help yourself and help others. Life is beautiful, let's enjoy a good life together.


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VBNF welcomes your professional opinion on articles we write. Please feel free to critique and send in your comment using our Contact Us page.

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VBNF is going to the 2014 Canada Marketing Summit - March 28 - 30

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